Shosha Kamal

Shosha Kamal ; Kelos collaborated with her in 2020 new collection Launching .

She studied interior design at Florence Design Academy, She became one of the recognizable names in the Design field in the World Very early in her career, her work has been recognized globally.Her famous Wing Sofa was named the best sofa design worldwide for the year 2016 by the prestigious International Product Design Awards, London UK.

She was named an A’ Design Award Winner three consecutive times for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016, Milano, Italy.She was named by the same entity in the year 2016 as a “Design Hero” for her efforts in making the world a better place through good design.

She was nominated by the Society of British Interior Designers for the Best Designs of the World in 2013 at London, UK.In the year 2017, her continuous efforts in reviving the Ancient Egyptian great heritage across all design disciplines were recognized by his Excellency the President of Egypt, Mr. Abdelfattah El Sisi in the Youth Conference, Alexandria, Egypt.

It’s worth mentioning that her chairs were gifted to the United States first lady by the Egyptian first lady.

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