Karim Mekhtigian

Kelos collaborated with him in 2020 new collection Launching.

Karim Mekhtigian is a designer who picked-up his skills and knowledge from around the world. Though Armenian in origin, he was brought-up in Cairo in an environment that allowed him to enjoy the city’s multicultural background. He travelled to Paris to study Interior Design and Scenography at the E.S.A.T. (École Supérieure d’Art et Techniques).

In 1993, he started ‘Dessilk’; a small Paris-based design studio specialized in the creation of handmade tableware and home accessories.

In 1997, he moved back to Cairo and founded ‘Alchemy Design Studio’ offering a wide range of design services including architecture, interior and product design. Believing in the importance of creating an Egyptian Design Community, he created the Egyptian Designers.

In addition to being a Chief Designer, Karim Mekhtigian launched in 2010 a new furniture brand ‘Alchemy Cairo’. Armed with an insatiable need for innovation and flawless taste, he has been trying to subtly transpose the Cairene sensorial landscape into his designs for the new brand.

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